Madisonville, Kentucky and Heading Home

The view in Central Indiana, heading south to Madisonville, KY

We were glad to spend time with our parents and some of our siblings and nieces and nephews before heading to our final venue in Madisonville, KY. This town is located south of Evansville, Indiana and southwest of Louisville, KY.

On Friday, we had a lovely dinner with some friends who arranged this event. It was such a nice time to get caught up and fellowship. We then headed to the nearby location for the event. On Friday Baruch taught on Zacchaeus. It was an opportunity to look at the Scripture in a much deeper way than most of us have.

On Saturday, we did an in-depth study of the book of Song of Songs. This often misunderstood book really had each of us seeing it in a much different light. Baruch emphasised that marriage can overcome outside attacks and how both the husband and wife should respond to difficulties. I thought it was a very practical presentation. We began at 9:30am and finished by 4:30pm and covered the entire eight chapters. We learned that this book is indeed a song and should be understood as such and not as some historical event. We only allowed the text itself to inform our understanding of the book and not allegorical or symbolic interpretations which rely on additional information not found in the Scripture. I am encouraging Baruch to do 8 videos on this book and publish them on our numerous internet platforms. He is thinking about it.

It was a great time of fellowship and we appreciated the efforts people made to be there. Friends from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky made the trip to study G-d’s Word and that was such an encouragement to us. We want to especially thank Noah Strader for coming from Nashville to lead us in praise and worship unto the L-rd.

We are now in Miami, waiting to head home. Looking forward to getting back and catching up on the ministry in Israel.

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  1. Hello, Rivka
    I sure missed seeing you two. I wished I could have been there. You were about 7 hours from us. I really hope Baruch says yes to making the videos! We finished Revelation and we are studying Hosea. I love the special time at Midnight From Jerusalem every week……Praying and saying the Shema…..This time is very special to us. Thank you so much!
    Shalom, Charlotte

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