Our guide, Naftali, sharing with us about this site (left); a worker cleaning some of the mosaic floor tiles (right).

I failed to mention yesterday that we visited Magdala, the town from which Mary Magdalene came.  Mary Magdalene is a wonderful, inspiring person who was radically transformed by her faith in Yeshua.  We read of her devotion to Him and how she arrived early that Sunday morning, before sunrise, to find that He had been raised.

This synagogue in Magdala is currently the oldest excavated in Galilee and one of seven from the first century in all of Israel. A coin minted in Tiberias in 29 CE was found inside the synagogue, proving that the synagogue was from the first century and the time of Yeshua’s earthly ministry.

This is a recent excavation, being discovered in 2009.  It is most likely that Yeshua taught in this synagogue, as He taught and went to synagogues all around the Galilee area.

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