Make Matza with Me!

We made it home to Israel yesterday afternoon and immediately went to Beersheva for Baruch to teach our Wednesday night Bible Study there.  Today we got up early to finish our pre-Passover cleaning and to get our groceries.

Tonight, I made gluten-free matzo and the layered salad for the seder.  Technically, gluten-free by nature is not “official” matzo, because it is not made from flour.  I used a flour substitute made from potatoes.  Since those suffering from Celiac Disease cannot eat flour, there is an exemption.

The pictures posted here are from my attempt to make the gluten-free matzo.  The only ingredients I used were:  g-f “flour”, water, and a tiny bit of salt.  What is important with making the matzo is that from the moment the flour and water combine until the time the matzo is taken out of the oven cannot be more than 18 minutes.


Here is what the layered salad looks like.  I posted the recipe earlier.  This salad is good to make the day before, but don’t put the dressing on until about an hour or so before serving.  On the package of the carrots, it says “Israeli Carrots”.

Baruch and I wish you all a blessed Pesach!

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  1. Elizabeth Seymour

    Thank you Rivka….Mum and I cheated and ordered ours from a specialist Deli…Blessings. Will keep this though for next year…

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