Making Connections in Romania


Monday and Tuesday we had the opportunity to connect a ministry on a fact-finding mission with some locals here in Romania.  This group has a like-minded heart for the Jewish people and we wanted to be able to encourage them in their efforts.  The meetings went well.  We have another one today.

Monday Baruch taped the next set of television shows.  I want to explain that the date shown as the loading of the videos is not the same as when the videos become available to the public.  Therefore, you may see that the last video was loaded up a month ago or more, but that does not mean it is not a new video.  We are now coordinating when new videos are made public to coincide with the broadcast on television.  There will be one new video teaching each week.

Tomorrow morning we return to Israel and Friday evening Baruch will be preaching at a Messianic congregation in our city.

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