Matza is the most well-known food consumed during Passover. Matza is made of just two ingredients—flour and water—which are quickly mixed together and baked before the dough can rise and become chametz (leaven), which is strictly forbidden on Passover. It forbidden to take more than 18 minutes from start to finish of the matza-making process.

The matza recalls how when those who had faith (the Jewish people and the mixed multitude) left Egyptian slavery,  they were in such a hurry that there was no time to allow their dough to rise. One rabbi taught that the matza is a simple, unleavened bread. It has no illusion of grandeur. And just as our matzah has no illusion on Pesach, so, too, we should strive to rid ourselves at this time of year of the arrogance and pride which gives us the illusion of being greater than we really are.

In one of my Passover books, it talks about all well have comes from G-d. This realization should cause us to become humble and to submit ourselves to G-d with sincere faith.

What is a great reminder to us, as believers, is how the matza looks. You can see in the photo above that matza is pierced and has stripes! Just as our blessed Savior, Messiah Yeshua! We will learn another allusion to Him during the traditional Passover Seder.

At our house, it is a favorite. It can be eaten plain or with chocolate spread (yummy!) and many other ways. We even use it to make sandwiches. In Israel, the “kosher for Pesach” items in the grocery store are plentiful. I will show you pictures from our neighborhood grocery store once more of the Kosher for Pesach items are out.

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