Meeting in Ashkelon


Today Baruch and I met with the director of a ministry here in Israel and a couple who work with it as well.  The couple (Baruch and Nava) are originally from the Ukraine and made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) almost 3 years ago.  Baruch was a pilot and Nava worked in finance.  When she was a child, her father was killed for being a believer.  They wanted to meet with us to see if there is anything they can do to help us distribute Baruch’s videos and articles, both in the Ukraine and to Ukrainians and Russians who now live in Israel.

We were very excited to hear about their desire to participate with us to reach the Ukrainian and Russian people.  I was just reading an article in the Jerusalem Post about how it is unsafe in parts of the Ukraine and many Jewish Ukrainians are immigrating to Israel.  And then yesterday, 300 more Ukrainians made Aliyah.  Many people do not realize that there is a war being fought in the Ukraine, as Russia continues to grab land from them.

We already have teaching in the Ukrainian and Russian languages, as our television show is aired in those countries with voice-over and we post them on the internet.  We will be working on strategies together.  We will also involve Michael, who many of you have met at our conferences.  He is working with us within the Russian community here in Israel and the Jewish community in Russia.

We would appreciate your prayers as doors continue to open for us,  Praise the L-rd!


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