Meeting in Beer Sheva

Lovely dinner this evening.

Today Baruch and I went to Beer Sheva, which is about an hour south of our home. We met with the British and American board of an Israeli non-profit Baruch has done some teaching for. Their director, who lives in Israel, attends our weekly Saturday evening studies here in Ashdod, as do some of their workers.

We enjoyed fellowship, dinner and Baruch presented two Bible studies. They expressed how much this teaching enriches their Bible study and they regularly watch our videos and those from England use them with their congregations.

They also use Baruch’s materials in their newsletters. They take notes during Baruch’s teaching on Saturday evening and then present these lectures to those they minister to at their own location. They reach out to new immigrants from the Ukraine and Russia and help them with their physical and spiritual needs. We have done some joint work, both with our last trip to the Ukraine and in the past Baruch and I made regular trips to Beer Sheva to share Bible studies in one of their centers.

We are always happy to share Bible teaching with other ministries, especially those in Israel.

Studying around the table before dinner.

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  1. Such a beautiful inviting table; and how wonderful to be in such a biblically significant location I can only dream of. May you be eternally blessed 😇

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