Micah Bible Study Part 10

Micah 4v9-13 and 5v1

v9: “Now” tells us that Micah is speaking a word for the people in his day.  

  • Micah is, in a sense, mocking the leadership. They had exactly what they wanted – a king and counsellors (see 1 Samuel 8) These people cannot save them from what is going to come upon them. 

(Note: Micah prophesies about the near future of the people of Israel going into the Babylonian captivity. In much the same way, that time of trouble is going to resemble the trouble that Israel will experience in the last days (although it is going to be a lot worse😔) The message of hope is this: G-d rescued them from Babylon and He can be trusted to do that in the last days too!)

v10: Be in pain and labour – when Israel transitions into the Kingdom of G-d it is going to be a painful transition (Jer 30v7 – those last 3.5 yrs of Daniels 70th week,  Dan 9v27)  

  • The city = Jerusalem
  • Those who dwelt in fields had no walls of protection around them.  They were unsafe and vulnerable.  

v11: Defiled – Many people do not want the promises of G-d to Zion to be fulfilled.  These nations will not have Kingdom vision.  They want to see Jerusalem destroyed. They are opposed to her.  

v12: They – these enemies 

  • Gather them like sheaves – a picture of harvest time (separation of the wheat and the chaff -Matt 3v12)

v13: Rise and thresh – it is time for the people to get to work and do what G-d wants them to do.  

  • Beat into pieces/grind into powder: Through Yeshua the nations are going to be made very thin.  
  • Their gain/assets/resources will be dedicated to the L-rd. 
  • Their substance – G-d is going to inherit everything because He is King and L-rd overall (Matt 4v8-10, Eph 1v20-23, 1 Cor 15v24-28)

In the Hebrew Bible 15v1 is the last verse of chapter 14.

15v1: a command to get ready to go to war

  • During the Roman rule over Israel Rome laid siege against Jerusalem.  It was also in this period that the Messiah (Yeshua,  Jesus) was struck (Matt 27v30, Lk 22v64)

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