Micah Bible Study Part 11

Chapter 5v2-6

v2: Bethlehem: The place where the Messiah is prophesied to be born (see Matt 2v1-6) Bethlehem means “house of bread”. A place of sustenance. It was not an accident that Yeshua said that He is the bread of life (John 6v31-35)

  • Ephrathah is a word that means fruitfulness.  
  • Little = insignificant.
  • When a child is born it doesn’t mean that they come alive at that point. They are alive in the womb long before they are born.  A birthing is just a revealing or a revelation of them to those in the world.  This is the same with Yeshua. He was always alive (from old, from everlasting) but His birth was His revealing of Himself to the world.  

v3: Give them up – G-d is going to put Israel in very difficult circumstances because of their disobedience and rebellion.  

  • New birth speaks of hope (Being “born again”, regeneration – John 3v1-21)
  • Remnant of His brothers – the remnant of the Jewish people (those who have Kingdom inheritance – also seen by use of word “children” = inheritance) 

v4: To stand – to reveal Himself

  • Yeshua spoke, as well,  about Himself being the Good Shepherd (John 10v11 and 14)
  • Name =character. Yeshua displayed to us the character of G-d.  
  • Once Yeshua has manifested Himself He is going to reign with majesty and power. This verse foreshadows what is going to be a Kingdom reality.  

v5: Peace is not simply an absence of war. Peace speaks of completion (the fulfillment of the will of G-d) 

  • From a Biblical standpoint Assyria was considered the largest and most powerful empire.  It represents the enemy -against the things of G-d and against the Jewish people.  
  • Our land = the land of Israel 
  • Treads: steps on, causes destruction
  • Our palaces – he is wanting to destroy the leadership
  • Seven is a number of holiness,  eight speaks of redemption or a change.  Seven shepherds and eight princes speak of two types of rule – the defeat of the enemy is going to lead to holiness,  a righteous change.  This is going to cause people to then worship in a right way

v6: The rule of Yeshua is going to bring about a suppression of the enemy.  

  • Sword = war
  • Nimrod is related to Babylon (Gen 10v8-12).
  • Entrances =gates.  In Judges 16v2-3 Samson was victorious over the city because he removed their gates.  Capturing the entrance to a city speaks of victory.  
  • When Yeshua steps into Israel again He is going to deliver and save the people who are in bondage 😊

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