Micah Bible Study Part 12

Let’s finish off chapter 5: v7-15

v7: The remnant of Jacob – in the last days a remnant of the Jewish people (in the midst of many nations)  will be right with G-d and obedient to Him. 

  • Dew and showers are related to rain/water =blessing. 
  • As humans we cannot make it rain.  G-d is not obligated to send rain but He does because of who He is. Like rain,  Israel is going to eventually be a blessing to the nations (Gen 12v3) but this will not be because of anything man can do but only because of what G-d has done.  He will get the glory for it 

v8: Like the rain or dew, Israel can be a source of blessing to the nations  – if she responds faithfully to what G-d is doing.  If Israel rejects what G-d is doing the result is disastrous – she will be like a lion in the midst of gentle, timid animals (the word used for animals here relates to domesticated animals) 

  • Young lions are strong and hungry for destruction 
  • If these young lions (Israel in a rebellious state)  pass through the area where the domesticated animals are they thwart (work in opposition to)  the things of G-d.  
  • There is no deliverer for those who are opposed to G-d’s plans and purposes.

v9: In Hebrew it is improper to say that you “make a covenant”. The proper terminology is to “cut a covenant”. Covenants have terms and conditions – blessings and curses. Dan 9v26 tells us Yeshua was cut off (a reference to crucifixion). Blood is part of cutting covenants.  The night before Yeshua died (knowing His blood was going to be shed) He took the cup and called it “My blood of the new covenant” – Matt 26v28. Those who reject the covenant that Yeshua established are going to be CUT off eternally (this is important for the verses that follow as it explains why so many things are cut off – they are cut off because covenant terms were disregarded and unmet) 

v10: In that day – reference, most frequently,  to that day of final judgement 

  • Based on covenant terms and conditions G-d will move in a way to get rid of wrong thinking and actions. The people trusted in the armies and weapons of war more than G-d.  So He cuts those things down

v11: People trust in wealth and security.  G-d is going to cut these things  down

v12: G-d is going to get rid of all wrong religious practices 

v13: G-d is going to destroy idolatry and idolatrous practices 

v14: the Hebrew word here is Asherim. These were related to immorality 

  • Nations practiced idolatry (and immorality)  because it was a source of wealth and income.  

v15: This verse confirms prophetically for us that G-d’s kingdom will not be established until His wrath is first manifested (1 Pt 4v17) G-d is going to get rid of every unclean,  ungodly thing in the nation of Israel (Ez 37v23) we need to realize that when G-d’s judgement begins it is for the sake of purifying people and bringing them to repentance.  

  • In Judges 6v25-28 we see Gideon firstly destroying the wicked things in Israel.  It was only AFTER this was accomplished that G-d could exact vengeance on their enemies (see Judges 7) this is the same pattern for the end days.  
  • Have not heard – faith comes by hearing.  The gospel will be heard by everyone (Matt 24v14) but remember that to hear is two part – we hear in order to obey.  These nations have heard but have not obeyed.  They have rejected the message of the gospel.  This is the reason why G-d’s wrath will fall on them

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