Micah Bible Study Part 13

Chapter 6v1-5 

v1: Biblically, we hear in order to respond.  

  • “Now” speaks of a time of opportunity (it has the same intent as “today” in Ps 95v7-8)
  • What the L-rd says: this chapter gives us insight into the mind of G-d (His thoughts in respect of His creation) 
  • Mountains = government/authorities. G-d has a contention with His people, and He wants them to hear about it so that they can have an opportunity to change.  

v2: G-d is going to make His displeasure known to the world. G-d’s displeasure goes back to the foundations. A time is coming when all things will pass away (Matt 24v35) and everything will be made new (Rev 21v5) at the end of this age the time of the Gentiles will come to an end (Rom 11v25). G-d will then move quickly to fulfill His covenantal responsibilities to Israel.  When Israel have undergone a heart change the Kingdom of G-d will be ushered in (Matt 23v39)

v3: My people: G-d is addressing them personally. 

  • What have I done?  He is wanting to find out if He has acted improperly or has not been faithful to His covenantal obligations. 
  • Wearied you?  Did He require so much from the people that now they would rather live in disobedience?
  • Testify – He is asking the people to respond to Him

v4: The exodus out of Egypt brings the context of redemption into the text.  

  • Moses etc… A family who were used by G-d in a mighty way

v5: “Remember” is also a covenantal word.  

  • Balak: he wanted the people of G-d to be cursed (Num 22-24). He did not have the mindset of G-d
  • Balaam: Jude 1v11 tells us that Balaam rushed greedily for profit. Rev 2v14 tells us that he taught Balak how to get the Israelites to sin (sexually and by eating food sacrificed to idols -Num 25) this disobedience followed them throughout the wilderness from Acacia grove (Shittim) until they got to Gilgal (Joshua 5v2-10 – the people had a fresh start at Gilgal) 
  • Gilgal was on the Israeli side of the Jordan river – close to Jericho. 
  • Know the righteousness: the generation in the wilderness were judged and died there because of their sin.  Nevertheless, there was a remnant (Joshua,  Caleb and the next generation)  that experienced G-d’s faithfulness and were brought into the land of Israel.  They saw firsthand the righteousness of G-d and His Holy requirements for them

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