Micah Bible Study Part 14

A short reading: 6v6-8

v6: Come before: To approach. To draw near to G-d. This is an idiom for worship. 

  • High G-d = exalted
  • Shall I come before Him…??  Is this the way to approach Him?

v7: Pleased: satisfied

  • Thousands.. Ten thousand – the question being asked here is if G-d wants and delights in extremely large offerings
  • Give my firstborn : some nations did give their firstborn children to their gods.  Israel was guilty of this as well. 

v8: He has shown… This is a verse of revelation.  G-d reveals to us what we can do in order to be pleasing to Him as well as how we can have a G-dly testimony.  

  • Good = the will of G-d
  • Require is a strong word.  It speaks of an absolute obligation
  • But: in contrast to burnt offerings,  calves,  rivers of oil etc 
  • “To do” is a word of lifestyle.  G-d wants us to live like this at ALL times. This is the testimony that He wants us to have 
  • Justice – whenever there is injustice we are called to act.  We need to demonstrate G-d’s standard of justice to those around us (not the worlds standards) 
  • Mercy – grace. We need to be people who are committed to the fulfilment of G-d’s will. 
  • “With” – this is a word of redemption. It is only through redemption that we can be with G-d, in Messiah etc

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