Micah Bible Study Part 15

Micah 6v9-16

v9: The L-rd’s message is going forth – those who hear it and respond to it are wise/discerning. 

  • See your name – those who are wise see, and demonstrate, the character (name) of G-d.  
  • The rod or staff shows G-d’s authority (in Egypt we saw it perform the miraculous works of G-d) 
  • Who has appointed it?  IE who is controlling it?  We know the answer to this is: G-d. He is working to miraculously bring about His Kingdom. 

v10: When G-d’s rule is enforced wickedness will no longer be rewarded😅. When G-d moves there will be no profiting from sin.  

  • A short measure = a false,  lean measurement intended to deceive and therefore increase profit for the deceiver 

v11: “I” = G-d. 

  • There will be no more deceit.  Everything will be based upon truth and righteousness. 

v12: Her rich men: the wealthy in Israel

  • The Hebrew word for this kind of violence is “hamas”(that group called by that name didn’t do their homework properly😝)It is people doing violence for the love and pleasure of inflicting pain on others.  
  • Tongue is deceitful – they speak falsehood

v13 G-d still speaking to Israel.  

  • Make sick – He is going to judge, punish and make desolate. 

v14: When we live in sin we will never be satisfied.  

  • Hunger can also be translated “emptiness”
  • Carry some away – They will bring something home (own it) 
  • But shall not save – although they might have money in their pockets they won’t have any benefit from it.  
  • What they do manage to own/possess will be taken from them by force.  

v15: They are working but are not able to achieve their desired outcomes.  

v16: Omri was a wicked king of the Northern kingdom(1 Kings 16v21-28)

  • Ahab was Omri’s son and he married Jezebel (1 Kings 16v29-33) In this verse G-d is saying that His people have embraced a wrong way of living (G-d knows our works – Rev 2&3 – they don’t save us but we are judged for reward according to what we have done – 1 Cor 3v14-15)
  • Walk in their counsels – speaking of ungodly counsel.  They have no fear of G-d and have departed from the revelation of Scripture.  
  • Make a desolation – G-d is going to destroy
  • Hissing is a word that should be translated “whistling”. When people are take aback by something surprising they emit a whistle.  This is what it is referring to here.  People are going to be shocked when they see the destruction G-d brings to His people (Zech 13v8, Jer 30v7)
  • Bear the reproach -ALL people will be in one of two positions eternally-in a state of glorious perfection (by the grace and work of G-d)  or they are going to be in reproach and disgrace.

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