Micah Bible Study Part 16

Chapter 7v1-7

Anything good that takes place happens because G-d has brought it about (Jms 1v17) Yeshua spoke a parable about a vineyard and how it related to Israel (Matt 21v33-45) Isaiah also spoke of the people of G-d as a vineyard(Is 5v1-7). We are meant to produce good fruit – that which is pleasing and brings satisfaction.  

v1: The word used here is not the same word “woe” as found in 2v1. This is a word of misery.  It speaks of great sorrow or emotional disappointment.  Unmet expectations. 

  • Micah could be speaking of His own disappointment that his prophecy was not well received or he could be speaking on behalf of G-d – G-d is inspecting His people and finding them unready and unwilling for His Kingdom (see also Matt 23v37-39)
  • Summer fruit – the context is this: at the beginning of the harvest season the farmer would go in to harvest his grapes.  He would find that some grapes were not ready to be picked.  He would leave them in the hopes that they would ripen and he could pick them at a later date.  These late picks were the summer fruits.  
  • No clusters to eat – a vineyard is supposed to produce good fruit.  Here there is nothing to partake of.  There was a degree of grace – G-d waited and came back a second time – but there had been no change. 
  • First ripe fruit/firstfruits: those who harvest have the opportunity to choose the very best – the first fruits of the harvest.
  • My soul desires – a word of intensity.  G-d longs for/truly wants the first fruits..

v2: In this verse we no longer see the unmet expectations in the context of a vineyard but in relation to human conduct on the world. When G-d looks at the world He sees a lack of fruitfulness.  

  • Lie in wait – a military term for ambush – waiting purposefully in order to bring harm to others.  
  • The word “hunt” used here is the same word used in Deut 7v2 that means to utterly destroy those things devoted to destruction. These people have failed to understand the distinction between that which belongs to G-d and that which belongs to man.  

v3: Hands, symbolically,  are related to deeds (Eccl 9v10)

  • Their evil hands show that they are in opposition to the things of G-d.  
  • Prince – government official
  • Asks – They make leadership decisions based upon bribes.  
  • The judge doesn’t make decisions based upon the law but upon the payment he receives. 
  • They scheme – they carry out their own agendas even if others get hurt in the process.  Israel was called to be a blessing.  Here they are being the exact opposite.  

v4: Brier – thorn bush – dangerous, causes pain to others. G-d is saying His covenant people aren’t kind or gracious when they come into contact with the nations.  They are a poor witness. 

  • most scholars think these watchmen are prayfully watching and waiting for G-d to come and act.  
  • Punishment – exile.  
  • Their perplexity – they are going to be ashamed.  

v5:  They have reached a point where no-one can be trusted – not even ones spouse.  The nation has become utterly corrupt.  They don’t display faithfulness to G-d or to one another.  

v6: Matt 24v10, Mk 13v12, Lk 21v16

In the last days people are going to betray one another.  This betrayal can occur within a family context or even within a body of believers.  The same ungodliness and character that is going to characterize the antichrist is demonstrated here.

v7: Micah, influenced by the Word of G-d,  acts in a different way (in contrast)  to these people.  

  • Wait is a word of expectation.  
  • G-d will hear me: The problem is that most people are not crying out to G-d.  Micah is different.  He has an expectation that G-d will fulfill His covenantal obligations to save.  
  • To hear =to respond.  Micah has an expectation that G-d is going to respond to his prayer

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