Micah Bible Study Part 17

Chapter 7v8-13

v8: When I fall I will arise: This is a future event. The church should look at this and rejoice.  G-d is going to fulfill His covenant to Israel.  If He fulfills His promises to Israel we can rest assured that He will fulfill His new covenant promises to His body – the church.  

  • Darkness – this is the spiritual condition of the people. They are in darkness.  
  • A light to me – in the original it is written in the present tense.  This reminds us of the fact that G-d is a present G-d.  It is not just about future hope.  Even now,  G-d is at work in His covenant people.  

v9: Indignation or wrath: G-d is going to take Israel through a time of wrath (known as Jacobs trouble). This is not true for the church.  We will be removed before G-d’s wrath falls (1 Thess 5v9)

In the midst of Israel’s troubles G-d is going to show Himself faithful to Israel.  

  • “Until” is a word that speaks of a change. G-d is going to do something new and different.  
  • Pleads my case… executes justice: The One who judges is also the One who saves or justifies us.  
  • Bring me forth – it is the same word that relates to the redemption of Egypt. It speaks of a transition. G-d is going to bring us out of the darkness of this world.  
  • Light – this is a supernatural or Kingdom light (Zech 14v6-7)
  • In His light (the light He brings us into)  we will be able to see His righteousness (Matt 6v33)

v10:  Micah wrote the enemy of Israel down in the feminine form.  One interpretation of this is that that final harlot empire (many scholars believe this is the antichrist empire) that is going to rise up against Israel in the last days is referred to in the feminine (Rev 17)

  • She will see: She is going to witness what G-d is up to.  
  • Shame: when people do not submit to the prophetic word of G-d the outcome is shame.  
  • Where is the Lord? : the enemy doubts the reality of G-d (2 Pt 3v3-7)
  • My eyes – G-d’s people are going to see the destruction of their enemy in those final days. 
  • Trampled: an image of filth,  dirt and rejection. If something is trampled on the mud it shows it has no value or significance. This is what happens to those who demonstrate no regard for the Word of G-d.  

v11: Some commentators see this as a reference to the redefining of Israel’s borders.  

  • Shall go far and wide: meaning there will be an expansion. (Gen 15v18. In the millennial kingdom the borders of Israel will be larger than they are now – according to this verse) 

v12: They: this is a prophecy of the Jewish people returning to the land. This verse speaks of the fulfillment of Genesis 15v18. G-d is going to faithfully bring people back from all places.  

v13: The land: i.e. the earth.  Those lands which will lie outside the new boundaries of Israel.  

  • Rev 22v12 G-d is going to judge the inhabitants of the Earth for their evil,  faithless deeds.

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