Micah Bible Study Part 18

Our last portion of Micah.  Chapter 7v14-20

v14: Shepherd: this is the will of the Father in regard to Yeshua.  

  • Dwell solitarily: an idiom meaning that they dwell safely and securely (Psalm 23)
  • Woodland(forest) in Carmel: G-d is going to lead them into a plentiful and fertile land.  At this end time the remnant of the Jewish people are going to be brought into a new covenant faith.  They are going to recognize their deliverer and accept Yeshua as their Messiah.  
  • Sheep feed when they are in good pasture and when they feel safe.  
  • Bashan: the Golan heights
  • Gilead: modern day Jordan (these will all be within the boundaries of millennial Israel.  This verse speaks of an act of restoration)

v15: Egypt =💡Redemption.  Yeshua’s blood purchased for us eternal redemption (Hebrews 9v11-15)

  • Redemption leads to the supernatural and wondrous works of G-d. 

v16: Nations = those who have no covenantal relationship with G-d. 

  • Ashamed of their might: they are going to realize that compared to G-d they are nothing.  
  • Hand over mouth: they have nothing to say
  • Ears shall be deaf: they do not want to hear and nor do these nations want to confess that Yeshua is L-rd. They don’t want to confess their sins and nor do they want to confess Matt 23v39

v17: Lick the dust: this is how satan was described in Eden (Gen 3v14). These people have a connection with satan. They don’t want to be associated with the seed of the woman (Yeshua). Because they didn’t humble themselves G-d will humble them.  

  • The nations are going to be afraid of G-d
  • You – Israel. The nations are going to be afraid of Israel because they are going to be in unity with G-d.

v18: “Who is a G-d like you” – the meaning of the name Micah. Micah emphasizes the uniqueness of G-d.  

  • Pardoning iniquity! 😊
  • The remnant of His heritage: this phrase is written in very broad terms (not just the sins of Israel but the sins of the mixed multitude – Jew and Gentile – Ex 12v37-38). Everyone who is in the Kingdom of G-d has had their sins passed over!  
  • Anger: because of redemption G-d’s anger (toward those who repent) subsides.  
  • Delights in mercy/grace: He gives us grace because He loves us. Those who have received grace will be interested in doing the will of G-d.

v19: Subdue our iniquities: He will have dominion over sin.  The resurrection is proof that G-d,  through the death of Yeshua,  conquered sin!  This is what Yeshua accomplished for us.  He became sin for us.  He took our sins upon Himself.  He died for that sin but the fact that He rose means that He conquered sin,  He subdued it🥳 G-d has provided a way for us to obtain eternal life – this is a New Testament message found right here in Micah😁

  • Cast our sins into the deep waters – this is an outcome/result of redemption.  

v20: The order here is significant – after we have been forgiven our sins we have a desire for the truth of G-d.  Truth and mercy follow forgiveness.  This is a promise that we embrace by faith (mention of the patriarchs should always cause us to remember the faith which they lived by – Heb 11)

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