Micah Bible Study Part 4

On to chapter 2v1-5. 

In this second chapter G-d reveals to the people the reasons why they are going to go into exile.  

v1: Their thoughts are unrestrained and rooted in their sinful nature.  They lie in bed and think about how they can do evil. They do not have the mind of Messiah(1 Cor 2v16) How a person thinks is going to influence their behaviour. This is why it is so  important to think according to the truth and righteousness of G-d. 

  • Morning light – light is related to revealing something, revelation. The morning light reveals/brings to light the true intent of these people.  
  • Power – the enemy (satan) gives them the means to carry out the wicked plans that they have planned (At the end,  satan will also give the antichrist a great amount of power to carry out his evil plans – Rev 13v2)

v2: Covet fields – the implication is that they take the fields, the inheritance, of other people. 

  • They take possession of homes that are not rightfully theirs.  
  • They oppress(enslave): They don’t mind seeing other people suffer. If we are ambitious for the things of G-d we will be a blessing to others.  If we are ambitious for our own desires, we will cause injury to others.  
  • Inheritance – again focusing on the generation to come.  Wicked actions harm the person,  their families and potentially even their future generations (conversely blessing also has eternal consequences for the person,  his family and his future grandchildren)

v3: This family – G-d’s covenantal people (Israel)

  • G-d is not a respecter of persons-Roms 2v11. Those who live righteously He blesses. Those who sin He punishes –  if repentance doesn’t take place…no matter who the person is.  
  • Cannot remove from your neck: even in this punishment we see a hint of G-d’s mercy and compassion. They won’t be able to remove themselves from judgement, but this judgement is not going to be all consuming.  The people will not experience a complete outpouring of His wrath – they won’t be completely consumed.
  • Whenever we see “evil” in the Bible it is helpful to define it as something that is against G-d’s will. G-d’s will was to bless His people, but because of their sin they are going to experience an evil time (exile) which was not G-d’s perfect and original  will for them. 

v4: “In that day ” – This phrase in Hebrew often relates to the end time,  the day of judgement,  the day of the L-rd.  

  • A proverb is a short statement or a teaching full of wisdom. It teaches us spiritual truths or principles.  
  • A Bitter lamentation – a time of extremely great sorrow when they see that they have lost everything.  
  • Destroyed =plundered
  • Changed = exchanged.  Value that belonged to one will change ownership and belong to another (in this case, what they had would be given to their enemies) 

v5: If there was no-one to perform this task it meant that there was no future inheritance for these people

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