Micah Bible Study Part 5

Chapter 2v6-11:

It would be a good idea to look up these verses in Biblehub.com. They are  translated very obscurely in the NKJV. 

v6:  The people didn’t want to hear preaching or prophecies of doom.  They did not believe that they would experience shame or embarrassment.  

v7 The people believed in a (false) god who was always patient, always loving and gracious.  They didn’t want Micah to preach about a G-d who had run out of patience (the Biblical G-d loves righteousness and judges sin) 

  • These people did not want to hear prophesy because prophecy did not connect with their wrong understanding of the nature of G-d. 
  • The words of a true prophet will do a person/nation good if they are taken to heart and heeded. These people, however,  were not interested in walking uprightly.  

v8: The people have become an enemy to G-d. G-d has absolute standards, and we need to submit to His authority.  They were not willing to do this.  

  • When victorious armies returned from battle they would go through the enemies land and take whatever they wanted – the spoils and plunder of war.  The people of Israel were pillaging people who trusted them to look after them in the land of Israel (Lev 19v33-34). They were not  treating foreigners with G-dly hospitality but as if they were enemies conquered in war.  

v9: Cast out – divorce.  The family was in disarray and dysfunctional.  The men were devaluing women. 

  • Taken away My Glory forever – G-d had a purpose for those children. G-d’s purpose was in family – a family that consisted of a mother and a father. Now the men cast the women aside and this has eternal consequences. A family is supposed to manifest the glory of G-d, but these families could not. They were spiritually weak and more prone to attack.  

v10: Micah is telling the people that the way that they are living (their lifestyles) is not producing rest – they are not at peace with G-d.  

  • What they are doing is unclean and is going to lead to their utter destruction – G-d deals a strong blow to those who do not live under the purposes (will) of G-d.  

v11 the profession of this man is that he is walking spiritually, but he is a hypocrite and a liar.  

  • They prophesy “good times” ahead (wine and drink are related to happiness). These people want a preacher who will make them feel good – they are not looking for reality nor are they basing their lives on truth.  They want to live in a fantasy world.

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