Micah Bible Study Part 6

Our last reading for this week is a short reading: 2v12-13:

v12: Up to this point in our reading there have been no messages of encouragement. These two verses usher in a message of hope or good news…G-d keeps His covenant. The people have not changed, but G-d keeps covenant with the remnant based upon His grace, mercy and love (this is good news for us as new covenant people.  If G-d is faithful to keep His covenant with Israel,  we can be assured that He will keep His covenant with us! 😊)

  • Surely assemble… Surely gather – G-d is absolutely and totally going to gather and assemble the remnant of Israel(Isaiah 34v16) – after about 1900years of exile Israel has its own land again from 15th May 1945! This is a miracle. The fact that Hebrew, as a language, has been revived is another miracle. This is proof to us that G-d has not abandoned His people and that He is faithful to His Word😁
  • Sheep – John 10v1-30. A good shepherd gathers the lost sheep of Israel (Matt 15v24)
  • The fold – a safe place
  • The loud noise can be positive or negative – a loud noise from joy from those who are back in the land, a loud noise from the buzz of the nations because of G-d taking the people back to their own land (and don’t we see this in the UN? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️Israel is also almost daily on the news, despite being less than 1% of the world population.  They get a lot of airtime for such a small country) 

v13: This verse points to the Messiah or Christ. (The One who breaks open… Their king) 

  • The L-rd at their head: He is going to lead them out of exile.  

These last two verses are full of parallelism.  To ‘assemble’ is related to ‘gather’ up.  Sheep is related to flock.  

‘Fold’ and ‘pasture’ are related.  

In the same way ‘King’ (Messiah – who we know is  Yeshua, Jesus Christ) is related to ‘L-rd’. This parallelism demands that we understand the divinity of Messiah, Yeshua.  These two Old Testament verses prove that Messiah, Yeshua, is G-d!

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