Micah Bible Study Part 7

Chapter 3v1-7 

This section focuses upon the corrupt leaders. They are not interested in the commands of G-d, nor worshipping Him in a way pleasing to Him.  They are not interested in leading people to follow the ways of G-d.  They are selfish, and their desire for profit has brought idolatry into the nation.  

v1:  Micah reminds the leaders of their primary obligation – to know the justice of G-d. When injustice is common there is no manifestation of G-d’s glory or power, and injustice leads to the work of the enemy in people’s lives.  

v2: The leaders are not ignorant. They know what is right and wrong. They are rebellious and choose to reject the will of G-d. 

  • Evil = that which is contrary to the will of G-d.  
  • Strip the skin…and flesh: an idiom for murder

v3: These leaders feed themselves at the expense of others (Jude 1v12-13)

It is the exact opposite of “love your neighbour as yourself”. 

v4: G-d always hears. When it says here that He will not hear them it means that He will not respond to them when they cry out.  

  • Hide His face is another idiom that means He will not bless them (Numbers 6v24-27)
  • Evil in their deeds – willfully and with full knowledge of what they were doing they went against G-d’s will

v5 these are false prophets.  

  • Make my people stray – they did this with intent, they purposefully led people astray. 
  • Chew/bite with their teeth – the words of these prophets caused injury and harm to people.  
  • Peace – the people wanted to hear that everything was going to be OK.  The false prophets were preaching the opposite of what Micah was declaring. They gave the people false hope.  
  • Prepare war against Him (G-d) who puts nothing into their mouth: G-d gave them no revelation to speak and nor did He tell them to proclaim peace.  

v6 in this verse we see that G-d acts in a way to expose these prophets as false. Their prophecy is shown to be incorrect (we have modern day examples of this around the last USA elections with many  prophesying another Trump win)

  • They are going to be made to stop prophesying because everything that they told the people was proved false (the day shall be dark, they have no light/revelation)

v7 these prophets are going to be humiliated when everyone realizes that they are lying deceivers.  

  • They turn to G-d but He doesn’t receive them and no revelation will be given to them.  When we walk in disobedience, and have selfish objectives, it causes us to live lives devoid of revelation.

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