Micah Bible Study Part 8

On to 3v8-12

v8 Micah is speaking about himself here.  He is very different to the false prophets.  

  • Full of power – full = complete. Micah “operates” in the full stature that G-d’s Word would have a prophet to be.  
  • Whenever the Spirit of the L-rd is brought into a text we can think about Him as One who brings order. When we walk according to our own desires our lives will be disordered.  
  • Declare to Jacob his transgression – one of the chief purposes of the Holy Spirit is to bring conviction.  He convicts us of those things in our lives that are against the will of G-d, those things that violate G-d’s standards. 

v9: Abhor justice – the leaders are not ignorant.  They know what they are doing, and they function with intent.  The word ‘abhor’ speaks of a strong or intense feeling of repulsion.  They hate justice. 

  • Pervert all equity – they work actively against  those things which are upright.  

v10: They are trying to make their own kingdom, as they are not interested in the kingdom of G-d (Zion is related to the promises of G-d – they are not interested in these) 

  • Bloodshed is written in the plural.  This shows an abundance of blood (Matt 24v9)

v11: Heads = leaders

  • Priests – one of the primary responsibilities of a priest was to teach.  These priests turned preaching and teaching into a profit-making venture.  
  • They lean on the L-rd – they give a false impression.  They pretend to be people who trust G-d with their words and actions.  
  • No harm will come upon us – they are disputing Micah’s prophetic revelation. They did not want the things of G-d and were not  interested in His truth and His purposes

v12: You = the leaders,  false prophets, and priests.  

  • A field is ploughed up because it is being prepared for the next seasons harvest. In their season there will be no harvest or fruit.  The Kingdom promises were not going to be realized in that generation. 
  • Heap of ruins – Destroyed by the enemy
  • Bare hills of the forest – a forest should be full of trees but it is stripped bare, plundered.

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