Midnight From Jerusalem

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Have you been joining us for our weekly Live From Jerusalem broadcast?  We are currently going through the book of Acts.  We broadcast LIVE at Midnight Jerusalem time, which is 5 pm Eastern time, USA, etc.  If you log into Youtube, you can join several of us who are watching it together.  Or you can join us on Facebook, the LoveIsrael.org website or BibleStudyCompany.com.

If you will subscribe to the LoveIsrael.org YouTube channel, you will get notifications when new videos are posted and also notification when the Live Stream is beginning each week.

Please join us!

3 thoughts on “Midnight From Jerusalem”

  1. Pierre Du Plessis

    I missed half of the Daniel message on Daystar tv. Is there a place where I can see it again. The tv did not show the whole message. Probably cut short due to time.

    1. Hello Pierre! In actuality, only a couple of seconds was cut off and that was due to a time issue in production. In the next teaching, Baruch picks up from there and so nothing is lost. But just so you know, all of our teachings are available on YouTube (LoveIsrael.org channel) and in our archives through our website.


        Thanks. I hope to see the rest next saturday then.Meanwhile I will search the archives. I have a lot to catch up. I just recently discovered the teachings on tv.

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