In St. Paul, MN

On Thursday evening, Baruch had the opportunity to speak at Parker’s Lake Baptist Church.  They were gracious to open their facility to us and we were so pleased that the Pastor and his wife and others from their congregation also attended.  Several supporters from the area came to the event.

One special man and his son came.  Carrol, from the Dallas, TX area and his son Nathan, from Arkansas, drove all the way up to Minneapolis to meet Baruch in person.  We were so blessed by them and met with them after the gathering.  Carrol would like to help facilitate a meeting for us in Dallas.  We will keep you updated!


Nathan, Carrol and Baruch.

On Friday, we met with a group of friends (and supporters)  in the area for lunch at a kosher restaurant.  The restaurant was next to a kosher grocery store and Judaica shop.  They have encouraged us for several years and we appreciate them very much.

As we think about the shooting yesterday at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, it makes us realize that Satan is at work in the world, wanting to thwart the will of G-d.  But he will not succeed!  If any of you have ever been to a Jewish area in an American city, you will know that they are just wanting to live their lives and are not seeking to impose their ways upon others.  The Jewish communities are also some of the largest supporters of hospitals, education and the arts.  It is very easy to recognize that anti-Semitism is a supernatural, evil force in the world today.


A view of the Mississippi riverfront, downtown Minneapolis.

Last night was our Live Stream.  I always log in to YouTube Live Chat and the LoveIsrael.org Facebook page to interact with others who log in.  I was very touched by the encouragement I received from people who have checked out my new YouTube channel, Biblically Inspired Life.  Tonight I plan to upload my first “Marriage Mondays” video, which I taped with Baruch.  I hope you will check it out and email me if you have a topic (not just related to marriage) which you’d like to see discussed.

Today Baruch and I are heading a little bit outside of Minneapolis, where he will be speaking at the Missions conference at Buffalo Covenant Church, which is a strong supporter of LoveIsrael.org.  We appreciate their Pastor, Max Frazier, who has been a friend and supporter for many years.

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  1. I am so glad that you and Baruch will make your way to the Dallas area. May G-d continue to bless you and your ministry. I will share this with my pastor at Adat-Shalom. He (Robbin) and his wife, Karen hasn’t heard about you, but I have shared what you have done for me. I will look forward to your post.

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