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Great time of learning, worship and fellowship in Romania!

Yesterday and today the turnout for the sessions exceeded expectation.  At the end of the conference, several pastors and leaders connected with us to say that they want to work with us.  There are many opportunities for partnership.

What was exciting was that our new Eastern Europe head was also approached by many young people in attendance who said that they want to be kept informed of our work in Romania so that they can participate!

Please pray for George that he will be able to make contacts and plans with the people while they are still enthusiastic. We were very happy to see the excitement of the people as they heard Baruch’s clear teaching.

Tomorrow we return home to Israel where we will celebrate Rosh Hashanah (Yom Teruah).  Then on Wednesday, we will head to Stockholm, Sweden.

Here is a link to another of the Romania Conference sessions:

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