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Pictures from the synagogue in Stockholm.  The words in Hebrew say, “An eternal name I will give to him which will not be cut off.”  (The “him” is the Jewish people. {taken from Isaiah 56:5})

At the synagogue in Stockholm, there was the ball memorial to Raoul Wallenberg.  He was a Swedish diplomat during WWII who saved thousands of Jews in Hungary.  On 17 January 1945 he was arrested by the Soviets after they captured Budapest. He was killed but no one is sure when.  He is one of the “Righteous Among the Nations” honored at Yad V’Shem.  He was the second person to be made an honorary U.S. citizen (after Winston Churchill) and only 6 have been honored after him.

Friday we flew from Stockholm to Gothenburg, Sweden, and then took a bus to Boras.  There, we met with the organiser of this trip, Marko, and his uncle, Michael.  They discussed with us the results of the Swedish election.  They also explained the current spiritual condition of Sweden. There is a segment who are very serious about their faith and support Israel.  There is not a lot of in-depth Bible teaching available for them.

We were also told about a recently published article which revealed that some Jewish people in Gothenburg feel unsafe wearing a kippah or Star of David necklace and those who do identify as Jewish are frequently spat upon or insulted.  It is the second largest city in Sweden.  The largest groups of foreign immigrants are Muslims from Iran, Iraq and Somalia.  A few days after US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital last December, a dozen people threw multiple burning objects at the synagogue in Gothenburg.  Two of the assailants were Palestinians and one was Syrian.

The meeting Friday night began at 5:00 pm with tea.  Very few people there spoke English, however we sang a couple of songs with Michael (Marko’s uncle) leading on the accordion.  These songs were in their native language, but we also sang Hevenu Shalom Alechem.

The room was packed full and it was videotaped and also taped for radio.  It was so refreshing to see some of the older people taking notes and wanting to learn.  It reminded me that we are to seek truth and learn more about the L-rd until our last breath!

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