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Rural building at a Buffalo Reserve, Romania.

The remainder of the conference at the Conference Center went very well. We were able to spend time with a young couple who are interested in education to be leaders in the believing community, we met with a group of leaders from Bulgaria who are hosting us early next year, arrange another conference in Romania, and have some strategy meetings with our Eastern Europe team leaders George and Anca.

On Sunday morning, we headed to the nearby town of Hateg for a one-day meeting. The translator was Alexandru Terlea. Everyone commented on what a wonderful job he did, and we appreciate so much his expertise for the four sessions.

Baruch with Alexandru, his translator.

After the first two sessions and lunch, a group of us went to a Buffalo Reserve. Most of the buffalo population died during World War II. They began to repopulate and were almost killed off a year or two ago by illness. Romania is now making efforts to revive the buffalo population, and we enjoyed being able to see a few up close.

Romania is known for its natural beauty, and we enjoyed being able to take a walk around the Reserve. Many Israelis travel to Romania in order to backpack and camp out in the natural beauty.

At the conference, our Team Leader George blew the shofar and did an excellent job!

George did an excellent job blowing the shofar!

We enjoy returning to locations to get to know the people a little bit better each time. We have gotten to know Alexander and his mother Esther more and appreciate their faithfulness and their love for Israel and the Word. They are a blessing to us!

A few years ago, we met Constantine and his wife Joanna. At the time, he was working on a ship and missed his family greatly. Once his ship stopped in Ashdod, Israel, and we were able to go to dinner with him. He is now no longer on the ship and we were able to catch up with him and his family, including their new daughter, Ruth and son. Levi, who is now 4 years old.

Baruch and Levi, with a Love Israel magnet!

Finally, we would like to thank Pastor Niko and his wife Ema for their gracious hospitality to us in their home and at their church while we were there on Sunday.

Blessed by Pastor Niko and his wife Ema.

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  1. Shalom:
    Very interesting to hear and see your travels worldwide.

    Baruch ha ba ba shem Adonai!

    (Correct my wording – not sure it’s right😁)

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