Moving Forward

Beautiful scenery yesterday.

We are now making it a point to take a walk everyday. We are allowed to walk further from our home, which allows us more varied routes.

Walking with our younger daughter.

Thank you for all of the feedback concerning the videos Baruch has been producing. Hopefully these are answering a lot of questions people have, as it is impossible for us to answer all of the questions sent to us.

Here are links to some of the new videos:

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5 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. Thank you for your teachings, which are highly Spiritually beneficial. I am experiencing rich blessings in the reality of God’s Word.

  2. I’m making my way through your teachings on Daniel, and I was enthralled!!
    But then in this video “Rapture Truth”, while talking about the exactness of the Greek, you said “trinity” and that you believe it – God the Holy Spirit – ouch ouch ouch 🙁 Titus 2.13
    If we are to be exact and I believe we should, how is it that we need non biblical words to describe a supposedly biblical concept?
    With all due respect, I ask.

    1. We firmly believe in the “Trinity”, the divinity of G-d the Father, G-d the Son and G-d the Holy Spirit. This is taught in the Scripture and we affirm it in our Statement of Faith on our website.

  3. Tabitha Lubach

    Dearest Kormans
    Thankyou so much for your teachings, i would like to get in contact since i have some personal questions, can we email? I just cant find any adress of you personally, there i will further introduce myself.
    In Yeshuas love united

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