NC Conference Recap

Friday evening and all day Shabbat, we met in Murphy, NC for a conference which was organized by friends and fellow labourers in Ministry, William and Luisa. It was sponsored by the Bible Study Group at Broken Shells ministry and hosted by Shepherd of the Mountains Church. Pastor Chris West was so welcoming and provided whatever we needed. We appreciated him leading us in worship as well.

With Pastor Chris West.

Baruch was asked to speak about the End Times and he focused upon the Wrath of G-d and Judgment. It was a significant time of studying G-d’s Word together. There were many questions and people traveled as far as 6 hours away to be with us.

We began with a wonderful Erev Shabbat dinner on Friday at Broken Shells Ministry for us and some of the Bible Study members. Baruch then taught in the evening. On Shabbat, the conference continued and we had an opportunity to visit with the conference attendees as well.

One of my favorite things about visiting the States in the Fall is all of the beautiful trees. Traveling down the interstate, it was difficult to get a good picture and I missed a shot at the gorgeous orange and reds.

Thank you to those of you who commented on the post about Halloween. I especially appreciated the message from my dear friend Anca. I know that sometimes it is difficult to go against the things our culture embraces. But, we need to stand up and be different.

I remember a few years ago I saw an interview with a young woman who had converted to Islam. The interviewer asked her why she had converted. Her answer was very interesting. She said that with Islam, the lifestyle showed a difference from the rest of the world and that she liked the rules and order of that religion. How sad that she chose to follow darkness rather than the Light!

While we certainly find freedom and grace within our life as believers, that freedom is to be used to follow our Messiah Yeshua and the lifestyle He would have us to live in order to be obedient and pleasing. This certainly is a huge contrast to the world we live in today!

My friend Anca suggested that many people in the church today do not know about the Biblical holidays and do not study them. That is true and also very sad. Perhaps as you study these holidays you might feel led to share with your friends what they mean to you and how they have enhanced your understanding of the New Covenant as well.

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