New Believers Study Begins in Israel

Studying around the table.

Yesterday we began an eight week New Believers study. The participants all have a Ukrainian or Russian background and most have made aliyah in the last few years. One couple came to Israel just 3 weeks ago! Each participant is receiving a copy in Russian of our “Foundations of the Faith” book. This week we got to know each other and Baruch gave a teaching on Purim. How exciting for Jewish believers to celebrate Purim, some for the first time, in Israel.

In the coming weeks, Baruch will be teaching about repentance, immersion, basic theology and serving the L-rd as a New Covenant believer.

Many Jewish people from former Soviet countries do not have a knowledge of their Jewish heritage and the Bible. We hear over and over how G-d put it in their hearts to come to Israel, without even knowing the basics of Judaism. Each one is very excited to be here and to connect with their roots which have been covered up for many years. Some families even burned all of their records which showed that they were Jewish out of fear.

Baruch taught while Anna translated into Russian. Our weekly meetings for this special course will take place in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon and during the Feast of Unleavened Bread we will all be going to the Jordan River (near Jericho) for a group immersion service. While there, we will also go to Gilgal to learn about the first Passover ever observed in the Land of Israel during the days of Joshua.

3 thoughts on “New Believers Study Begins in Israel”

  1. How amazing to read you’ve been able to teach these new believers the thorough foundation of their faith in Israel !
    Can’t imagine a better teacher than Baruch!
    Bless you for making use of every opportunity ❤️🙏

    1. In English the book is sold through We do not benefit from the sale of the book. Blessings.

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