New Bible Study Beginning July 17/18!

Here is the information you need to know from Lee, the writer of our Bible Studies. I will be joining all of you who take advantage of this great opportunity to commit to being in the Word of G-d daily! ~Rivka

You are invited to join us for our fourth Bible Study…The Book of Exodus! Exodus needs very little introduction. On the surface, it is a book that is filled with breath-taking adventure – the highs and the lows of a called-out people, as they journey from a place of slavery toward the place of freedom. However, as you begin to dig a little deeper into this treasure trove of Exodus you are going to discover something surprising – the heart of G-d in regard to worship. If it is in your heart to worship G-d, in a way that is pleasing to Him, then this book is for you!

Reading through this book is going to require some commitment from you over the next couple of weeks. We read six days a week (Sunday to Friday), half a chapter a day (although on a couple of the days we will read a full, but short, chapter). There will not be a study on Shabbat. Instead, we invite you to join us for the Midnight From Jerusalem Livestream on our Facebook Page, YouTube channel and Website (

Please sign up for this adventure through Exodus, by joining our channel on the TELEGRAM app. You can search for the channel by typing in: “The book of Exodus”, or by using this link: If you would prefer to study in Spanish you can find the Spanish Bible Study at The posting of this study begins on the evening of July 17th – for those west of Israel/or Sunday morning, July 18th Asia time.

For those of you who cannot/do not use Telegram, we will be posting the studies right here on at 10:00 PM Israel time, beginning July 17th.

Let the adventure begin!


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