You are invited to join us for our next Bible Study, The Book of Revelation! We will be studying one half of a chapter each day, six days/week. There will not be a study on Shabbat. Instead, we invite you to join us for the Midnight From Jerusalem Livestream on our Facebook Page, YouTube channel and Website (

Please join us by signing up for our channel on the app TELEGRAM. The channel is called “The book of Revelation”. The study begins in the evening of May 22 for those west of Israel/morning of May 23 Asia time.

For those of you who cannot/do not use Telegram, I will be posting the studies right here on at 10:00 PM Israel time, beginning May 22.

Why not make the commitment to study the Bible 6/days a week to go through the Book of Revelation?


  1. Great that it will be on this format what time for central time USA… much love and blessings from Texas!

      1. Sorry for another questions will this be a lecture plus notes or how will it be done? And about how long each day as I work and will need to rearrange schedulešŸ˜Š

        1. Cindy, these are short, written Bible studies to go along with the Bible reading. They are based upon the teaching videos of Baruch. This is not a group “meeting”, but a study to do on your own at the time you set aside to do it.

  2. Oh well I am in as I have not gone through revelations with Baruch. Found Bradford when I was teaching revelations but didnā€™t find Baruch until the last few chapters. Also please tell him ty so much for his teachings they have blessed many especially me. Any plans for Zephaniah?

    1. Dear Darci, as mentioned above, you can either join our channel on Telegram (The book of Revelation) or you can come to this website each day, beginning the evening of May 22/morning of May 23 depending upon where you live.

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