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Many people write emails asking which translation of the Bible is the best.  Baruch and I spent a few minutes discussing how Bible translations are produced and which ones are the best for serious Bible Study.

Baruch likes the sources texts which the KJV uses and overall it has the fewest errors.  We did not have the opportunity to discuss Young’s Literal Translation, which is also a good choice.

2 thoughts on “New Biblically Inspired Life Video”

  1. Thank you, Rivka and Baruch, for the very informative explanation of which bible translations are better suited for serious bible study and also, how the various existing translations were derived and the various motivations/intentions behind the existing translations.

  2. Thank you for addressing this subject. I understood the NASB was the most literal English translation of the original texts. Some prefer the 1901 version over this. The RSV was not looked upon favorably at the Bible college I attended (however, this version was my wife’s wedding gift to me). I’ve looked upon the ESV as a Baptist translation with a Baptist theological perspective. We’ve given our two daughters this version. I’ve heard of Young’s Literal Translation but have not seen a copy. Currently, I’m using the CJB Study Bible to fulfill my Bible Reading Plan (Discipleship Journal). As your wife said, I’ve enjoyed the Hebrew words used in it, particularly the use of God’s Hebrew names.
    Thank both of you for your teaching ministry. Presently I’m working through your videos on Hoshea. I’ve completed the series on Revelation, Daniel, and Joel.
    God bless,

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