New Biblically Inspired Life Video

Shabbat Shalom everyone!  I’ve just posted a new video on my Biblically Inspired Life channel on YouTube.  I would really appreciate it if you would consider subscribing to my channel.

I taped it yesterday while in Dublin.  I receive many emails relating to this topic and wanted to chat with you about it for a few minutes.  I hope this will encourage you to look at the commandments of G-d in a different way.

We have now moved location to Powerscourt here in Ireland.  I wrote about it in my last post.  It is a treat to be here and we look forward to the conference tomorrow.  Baruch will be teaching on the Millennial Kingdom and it will be taped.

Traditional Irish weather has now caught up with us and it is a cloudy, drizzly day :). The people have been very friendly to us and the experience has been very positive so far.

We ask for your continued prayers for our hosts John and Liz.  Liz is very ill with newly-diagnosed cancer.  She has been very adamant for the plans to continue as scheduled.  She has been very integral in the plans and we are honoring her desires.  Even in the midst of her treatment, she is reminding people of details so that they will follow through.

And a final note:  It just turned sunny!

Shabbat Shalom and thank you for your prayers and support for

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