New Biblically Inspired Life Video

A couple of days ago I uploaded a new video on the “Biblically Inspired Life” YouTube channel.  I hope you will get a chance to watch it and subscribe to my channel :). I made this video in response to some emails I received.

Today Baruch and I worked on preparations for upcoming conferences.  Once a few more things are finalized, I will post our schedule for the next several months on the “events” section of our website.  Our next conferences are in the Netherlands.  We have a one-evening conference in Zwolle on Thursday, January 17, and our Amsterdam conference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 18, 19 and 20.  For those who speak Dutch, there is information on our Dutch website:

Next week, Baruch will tape the next set of television shows.  We are also preparing to teach a marriage seminar in Israel in February.  There are many questions circulating concerning marriage to a non-believer, remarriage, etc.  I then plan to break up some of this information into Marriage Monday videos.  I really appreciate the encouragement I have received in regard to the Biblically Inspired Life videos.

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