New BIL Video and a Very Important Prayer Request

I just uploaded a brief video about the relationship between Love Israel and the Biblically Inspired Life.

I also just taped another video which I should be able to post tomorrow AND Baruch and I are planning to tape a Marriage Mondays tomorrow.

Last night we had a great study at our study center from the book of Isaiah.  This in-depth study is very interesting and garnering interest in our group.  People try very hard not to miss it.


I would ask for your special prayers for a woman in Tel Aviv.  Here is her story:

I am referring to her as A not only to respect her privacy but that of her family our are still in Eritrea and could face violent repercussions by the dictatorship there. 
When A was a girl, before the age of 12 her family was living in a small village and were Protestant Christians, an illegal  religion in Eritrea. While at Church, military police came and arrested everyone in the underground church and held them without trial. 
After what A believes was about 2 years, one of the guards sold her and another young woman to a muslim man who took them to a city in Sudan. There she was trafficked again into sex slavery for many years. 
One day she and two other women were able to escape and fled into the desert but there were again kidnapped by Beduin traffickers and taken to the Sinai in Egypt where A was held for almost 5 years. She suffered from beatings, rapes, starvation and more before someone was able to pay her ransom. A, along with about 100 other Eritreans, was taken to the Israeli border and taken to jail by the IDF.  Six weeks later, she was dropped off at the central bus station in Tel Aviv. Without any money or place to go, she lived on the streets until an Eritrean family took her in. As a result of her time in the Sinai, she found herself physically unable to hold down cleaning jobs as the demand on her body caused her untreated injuries to act up. 
Through her Church here, she got married and had 3 beautiful children. Life was very hard for A and her family, however they were managing to get by until recently. A’s husband, himself a victim of trafficking suffered from a mental breakdown and has left the family since May and has yet to be seen since. A’s eldest son (5) suffers from autism leaving him unable to communicate, he also has some other health issues that still remain undiagnosed due to their lack of access to healthcare service. Her other two children ( G,3 and G, 6months) are healthy.
Under all laws (even Israel’s) A and her children should be eligible for refugee status and basic human rights.  However, due to the Israeli government’s lack of enforcing their legal and moral obligation, A is stuck in a no man’s land. 
Love Israel has helped her, but her situation needs a long-term solution.  Please agree to pray with me for her and her children.  We have someone very close to the situation and will be able to receive updates.

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  1. What A and her husband have gone through is horrific, heart-breaking and unimaginable. Their suffering continues as they still wander in a no man’s land. I will certainly pray for this Christian sister and her family and hope that Israel will come through with refugee status for them.

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