New Global Prayer Team and Update

January 1, 2020. Israel

Well, as you can see above, 2020 started out with a beautiful day! However, the past couple of days have turned to true Israeli winter. We’ve had cold, windy and rainy weather and also snow in the Golan and Mt. Hermon. Maybe you have seen pictures of people canoeing and surfing in the streets of Tel Aviv. There were also some horrific deaths.

We appreciate all of the positive feedback concerning our App. We hope you will share it with others. It is available for Apple and Android.

Global Prayer Team

We have been blessed to meet and interact with many people around the world. We have found, not surprisingly, that believers are under attack! We have visited many places where believers are not able to worship freely. We know that we have barely scratched the surface of the struggles of these people. We have been touched by the prayer needs and requests of those we meet. What can be done?

First and foremost we are seeking individuals who are committed to prayer and who would be willing to prayer for our work thirty minutes each week. This Global Prayer Team (GPT) will have people from around the world praying 24/7 for the work of here in Israel and throughout the world. If you feel called to be part of this, please do not email me, but rather please email us at and share with us three things:

Your name.
The city and country in which you live.
The time each week you will be praying.

We will send you specific prayer requests so you know what to pray. We are very thankful for friends in Germany who will be heading this 24/7 prayer support. They have been in much prayer concerning this aspect of the ministry. You will experience the joy and strength of being connected with other believers praying for this ministry and for the Word of G-d to be sent forth throughout the world.

Live Stream

Baruch did an impromptu live stream recently and in it he dealt with the U.S. strikes in Iraq. They needed to be done. The people here in Israel feel that it needed to be done and are supportive. The average Israeli does not appear to be fearful. Day-to-day activities are continuing as normal. However, we are hearing quite a few Israeli Air Force jets fly over our city daily.

Baruch plans to continue with impromptu Live Streams, where he will speak about various topics which we receive in emails. These Live Streams are in addition to the regular Midnight from Jerusalem Live Stream.

4 thoughts on “New Global Prayer Team and Update”

  1. Dear Rivka, I wrote an email the adress you told, and I didn’t receive any specific prayer. I never pray before so I realy need it. Please help me. Thank you. God bless you and your work for Israel and for entire world.

    1. Shalom Cornelia. An informational email will be sent out soon to those who have signed up to be part of the Global Prayer Team!

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