New Marriage Mondays Video


Spotted in the yard of a preschool while on one of my walks last week.

So as we head into the middle of January, I can’t believe how quickly the days are passing.  The weeks, even though each is different, has a rhythm to them as we begin each week at the study center and with our Livestream and end each week with Shabbat.  In between, we have show tapings, Skypes, correspondence, and planning with our teams around the world.

Tomorrow is our last day at home before heading to the Netherlands.  Therefore, Baruch and I taped a new “Marriage Mondays” and it is now up on the Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel.


Wednesday, early morning, we will be heading to the Netherlands.  For those of you who live there, you can find out more information on our Dutch website:

This will be an intensive conference, studying “Torah (the law) Relevance According to Paul”.  We will be studying Romans 2-5, 7-8.

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