4 thoughts on “New Marriage Mondays!”

  1. Hello, nice family.
    Your message is true, unfortunately it’s too late for me because I have no more marrige to save. But, you are perfectly right!
    Hope your message will touch more and more young people.

  2. As if there is not enough on your plate, but I would be overjoyed to hear you are giving these kinds of teachings at a Christian High School somewhere. They need so much of this kind of guidance in thinking to plan and choose well. As a whole, believing kids are somehow not learning enough about G-D’s ways to trust His plan and how much vision He has for them. I think helping them think more along these lines would open their mind up to more long-term G-dly goals and safeguard their choices. There’s so much hope in them and their life that I think they just don’t see but could with this type of teaching. It could completely change their perspective in the life choices they are preparing to make.

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