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A screenshot of the new Youtube playlists.

I wanted to let you know about something new we have been working on here at  We have added 2 new playlists to our channel–Hebrew and Russian.  The Hebrew videos were previously housed only on Vimeo, but Vimeo has a terrible search engine for the Hebrew language and it was very hard for new people to find Baruch’s videos in Hebrew.  We have now loaded the videos onto Youtube for easier searching and immediately the number of views has increased many times over.

The Russian videos are being loaded up by Michael, who many of you have met at one of our Annual Conferences in Orlando.  He also teaches the weekly Parasha (Torah portion) at our Saturday night study. Michael is working very hard to increase the number of both Russian and Ukrainian speakers who are connecting to our work. We are very thankful for the great work he is doing in expanding our work in Israel, Russia and the Ukraine.

We are putting together a team to take Baruch’s videos and dub them into Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and we are committed to provide our teaching to Spanish speakers. We are very grateful for those who have volunteered so far to assist with this project.

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    i agree with Dr Baruch concerning Romans chapter 10 that we must pray for Israel to receive salvation through gospel of the Messiah! praise the lord for his teaching on Romans chapter 10 part 1 on 6/27/22! Shalom!

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