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Gorgeous view from my walk today.

I don’t know if you heard, but the yearly list of “happiest countries” was released.  Israel was number 11.  Isn’t that amazing?  We are surrounded by countries who hate us and want to destroy us, we are constantly attacked at the United Nations, we are being boycotted right and left, anti-Semitism is on the rise, and yet we are number 11!  I think that is pretty remarkable.  And I believe that number is accurate.  No matter what time of day I take my walk, I see many groups of people at the cafes, enjoying each other’s company and catching up with what is going on.  When you ask someone how they are, a good portion of them will say, “Baruch HaShem!”  Basically, thank G-d or praise G-d.”

Another list was released yesterday and Israel’s Technion University in Haifa has the number one aerospace engineering degree in the world.  Yes, this tiny country produces top-notch schools, more start-ups than any other country except the United States, has the only Intel production outside of the U.S. (and they just built an addition here), and the list goes on.

What I wanted to point out today is that while from the outside one would think that Israelis would be depressed, it is quite the opposite.  There is always an underlying hope. How much more so should we as believers have a joy, hope, positivity that shines through!  We are to be a light to the world!

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  1. Michael Pritchard

    How uplifting and encouraging your post was to read! In an atmosphere of rejection of G-d and mocking of His believers, which is getting more prevalent here in the United States every passing day, it is indeed comforting to read of the blessings of G-d which continue to pour down on the Jewish people, the modern Israeli state and all those who hold Him in their hearts as their G-d and Redeemer. We have been making plans to visit Israel soon, despite some trepidation of political problems. Your post was reassuring that things are well in hand in Israel, and no one should fear visiting. G-d Bless You.

    Michael and Zan Pritchard

  2. Patricia Moorman

    You must go to Israel! My cousin and I went last year and we are planning to go again next year. We had no fears the entire ten days we were there. You will be blessed and want to go again and again.

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