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I was recently contacted about making a short video about Hanukkah for a class in the United States. I decided to post it on my Biblically Inspired Life channel.

The miracle of the one-day supply of oil miraculously lasting eight days is first described in the Talmud, committed to writing about 600 years after the events described in the books of Maccabees. I am not stating that we know for sure that it is true. However, the events are true and eerily similar to what we will encounter in the future (and some people already are today).

2 thoughts on “New Video on Biblically Inspired Life”

  1. Rivka,
    Thank you for this video!! Please explain why there are three cups to the outside left of the Shemash on the Hanukkah that are a different size from the others?

    Thank you and Happy Hanukkah!

    1. Hi Connie, We use tea light candles on top of the holders so as not to have candle wax all over the Hanukkiah. So, there is no difference in sizes of cups, etc., other than to manage the mess. Blessings!

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