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Yavne, Israel yesterday.

We have been in communication with Shelanu Television Network, the new Hebrew language network from a believing perspective. We are happy to say that currently, our program is being broadcast 8 times/week! We are very grateful for our relationship with them and we ask for prayer for them as they are suffering backlash from some people here who do not want to have this type of network in Israel.

Yesterday, we needed to go to the city of Yavne. I like to share with you pictures from various places we go, to “bring you along with us!”

CANCELLATIONS. We are disappointed to report that our conferences in Grand Junction, CO and San Diego, CA have been cancelled. California is being very strict on relaxing restrictions and opening back up. The hotel cancelled our event. In the case of Colorado, they are keeping the numbers for gathering low and we do not know when this will change.

Another very important factor is when will Baruch and I be allowed to leave Israel and return without having to go into 14 days of isolation . This is not a position we want to put ourselves in.

Special Shavuot Meeting at our Study Center. Erev Shavuot, we will be meeting at our Study Center at midnight for a time of prayer and study until around 5:00 am. This is a traditional event within Judaism. We will be studying Numbers 11:24-27, Leviticus 23:9-22, and Acts 2:14-21.

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  1. Have protests over the government and COVID died down since the place is slowly reopening and a government has finally formed?

    1. Hi Charlsie! The schools in Israel have been open for over a week now and restaurants open on Wednesday for seating. Up until this point, take out has been available. The protests were actually very minimal. There were some as Netanyahu’s court case began, but very small. Blessings!

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