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As we continue to search for ways to broaden our reach throughout the world, we have our Media consultant, Jared Wilkins, regularly in communication with networks around the globe.

After being impressed with our TBN Enlace programming, TBN Pacific and TBN Espana have been in negotiations with us to secure our show on their networks as well. We have reached agreements with both networks this week and our television program will begin airing on TBN Espana on October 4 and on October 6 (Sunday) on TBN Pacific at 4:30 PM. The main airing for TBN Espana will be on Sundays at NOON, and there will be 2 additional airings each week. We are very excited to reach these additional audiences.

Our YouTube channel is growing. This week, we surpassed 1 million views! Considering the length of our videos, this is very good. Additionally, our 30% video completion rates is very high for our video length. YouTube is a great way to watch our videos, as we have them separated into playlists and it is easy to find particular videos.

Finally, all of the videos from our Sydney Conference are now uploaded onto Vimeo and YouTube. Here is a link:

May you have a blessed Shabbat!

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