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It is a very sad day today in Israel.  A 13 year old girl from Kiryat Arba, Hallel-Yaffa Ariel, was stabbed to death in her bed this morning by a Palestinian who broke into the family’s home.  He stabbed her dozens of times.  The terrorist was killed by security forces, but an Israeli security force member was injured in the process.  The girl will be buried at 6pm local time in Hebron, which is the town where the Patriarchs are buried.

We pray for refuah shlema (a full healing) for the security officer.

Yesterday, Israel approved an agreement with Turkey in which Israel will pay Turkey millions of dollars in retribution for the flotilla altercation a couple of years ago, and in return Turkey “promises” to basically not speak out against Israel in international forums.  That is the basic agreement in a nutshell.  It is a terrible agreement for Israel.  We should not pay a penny to Turkey and I think it is pretty easy to imagine that Turkey will not follow through on its part of the agreement.  Reservists from Israel’s elite commando Shayatet 13 have petitioned against the agreement, saying that the money will go to the families of terrorists.

I am of the mindset that the terrorist attack at the Istanbul airport by (it is believed) ISIS terrorists is a warning to Turkey not to make any sort of agreements with Israel.  But I have not heard that on any news shows.

Also, I just read that the UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn compared Israel to ISIS at a news conference which was addressing the recent rash of anti-Semitic rhetoric after which some were forced to resign!

It is hard to imagine how quickly the world is spinning into chaos and evil.  I cannot imagine living in this world without my salvation in Yeshua’s work on the cross for my sins and the Word of G-d which tells us about all that is happening and will happen.

If you have not ordered Baruch’s e-booklet on the last days, please go to to order it today.  It is only $1.50, but a vital resource.

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  1. So sad for the young girl and her loved ones. So thankful I can pray. Thank you for Turkey…information-G-d’s will be done.

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