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Police boats in Eilat, Israel (today).

I don’t know if there has been much coverage on the international news concerning what is going on along the border of Gaza and Israel.  (Gaza is Israel’s but it is currently being governed by Hamas).  Hamas is orchestrating protests along the border, with threats to breach it.  They have been successful in rallying people to come to the border (at least 30,000), and the IDF has been successful in keeping the Palestinians from crossing the border and from planting explosives.

There has been violence, but no Israeli soldiers have been killed.  We pray for their protection as they are being threatened.  On Passover, we heard planes flying over our home.   This would only done to protect the country.  No practice manoeuvres are done on Shabbats or Yom Tovs.

We ask that you would pray for our soldiers.  It’s not that I don’t care about Palestinian lives, but those coming to the border against Israel are seeking to do harm and are the instigators in this conflict.  This situation is not going to stop immediately unless G-d intervenes.  Hamas is planning for this to continue for six more Fridays.

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    1. Hi Diana, I have posted your comments and my answers. They appear under the post you commented on. For example, Feb. 28, you posted twice and I answered your question. When I answer a comment, I have no control, it posts where the original comment was made. Blessings!

  1. Patty Stordahl

    Seeking our country’s leaders to expose your enemy and stand with Israel. We are at the door. Prayers.

  2. Shalom, I’m a new follower. I’ve been praying about this situation for a few days now. I’ve been following the internet news on this. I haven’t seen it on Japanese news yet. May Hashem’s great Shalom envelope you!

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