On Our Way


Waiting at Ben Gurion airport.

We are awaiting our flight to Asia at the moment.  We are hearing that there is a cease-fire.  We will see if that holds.  Typically, the Palestinians fire a few more after the cease-fires take effect.

We are excited for this trip.  To go to a new location, which I will share more about when we get home…it will be very interesting to see.

Thank you for your prayers.  We appreciate them very much.  Both for this trip and for the situation in Israel.  Thank you also to everyone who has sent encouraging words in regard to the LoveIsrael.org Conference in Orlando.  We appreciate them and we already are working on the 10th Annual conference!

We sent out a newsletter today via email, so if you have not received one, you may go to the LoveIsrael.org website, scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe.


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  1. Lifting you both up in prayer to our loving Father, the One who, in the midst of the chaos in this world, is in control of all things, just as He has always been. May we all be comforted and strengthened in this knowledge. May the Lord’s fishing net be filled to breaking.

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