On our way to Sukkot!


After Yom Kippur ends and the break the fast is eaten, it is traditional to begin building the sukkah.  A sukkah is a temporary dwelling “booth” to be used for every meal (and some people even sleep in them) for the duration of the Sukkot holiday.

There are so many types of sukkahs.  Some are pre-packaged (as the one above) and are very easy to assemble.  Others are much more elaborate.  The sukkah must have 3 complete walls and the fourth wall contains the entry.  They are usually decorated and the top, through which you must be able to see the stars, is called a skoch.  This roof is made out of palm branches.  You can also buy pre-made ones.

Each day, from now until the end of Sukkot, I intend to post a different sukkah I come across during that day.  This should be fun, as a couple of the days we will be traveling around Israel with some friends.

We will discuss the holiday and its meaning throughout the chag.  Blessings!

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