On The Golan

Flowing river Dan; remnants of the altar in Dan.

We began our day yesterday by going to Haztor.  We read in the Book of Joshua that Joshua was successful in defeating the Canaanites there and that he burned the city to the ground.  During this battle, there was a confederacy of 31 city-kingdoms which came up against the Israelites.  Archeologists have found ashes at the site which supports the Biblical account.

We then drove up ontomap the Golan Heights to see Tel Dan.  This place is where the tribe of Dan settled, which was against the will of G-d.  G-d had allotted to Dan the land in the “shefela”, which is further south and extended over to the Mediterranean.  As you can see from the map, Dan (in pink) was to be south of Ephraim.  Dan was afraid of the Philistines in the land and went instead north, above Manasseh.  The tribe of Dan fell into idolatry.  In fact, made two golden calves and an altar, not wanting the people to go down to Judah to sacrifice to G-d and join back with the other tribes and King Rehoboam.


We then headed to Caesarea Philippi, where Peter recognised Yeshua as the Messiah, the Son of G-d.  We learned about the idol worship going on there at the time and were able to see the alcoves where various idols were placed, including Pan.  What made Peter’s proclamation all the more significant is that he recognised Yeshua for Who He truly is in the midst of all the false gods.


Alcoves where idols were placed.

We then headed to Bental, which has bunkers from when Syria occupied the Golan Heights.  From there, were were able to view the UN buffer area and also see into Syria.  This area is near where our younger daughter served in the military.


The farms you see in the foreground are part of Israel and the homes/town in the distance are in Syria.

We finished the day by returning to the hotel for another lovely dinner, followed by a walk through the ancient cemetery and tombs of Tzfat.

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