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We left Romania and took a 7 1/2 hour train ride to Budapest, where we are doing some research and also have a couple of meetings.  We will get home on Sunday.  Please pray that these meetings will go well and that our research will be helpful.

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While in Romania, I was speaking with one of the young women who translates Baruch’s teaching into Romanian.  She was able to connect Baruch with a young man on the leadership board of a Christian organization at a university campus in the Netherlands.  Now they have already arranged for Baruch to do a Skype teaching to the entire board.  Let’s pray for the young people on college campus, both believers to remain strong and non-believers that they would hear and respond to the Gospel.

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  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    I so enjoy all of your Posts Rivka. Thank you for all of the time you devote in sharing your experiences with us as HaShem is guiding and directing you. Praying for You Dear Sister and Brother… Praying for you, and our Abba is receiving and has heard your needs… Lovingly, Holly

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