On the Road in Israel

At the Beersheva bus station yesterday.

Yesterday I headed to Eilat for a few of days where I am working on a couple of projects. The bus station in Beersheva is very busy with soldiers heading all over the southern part of Israel.  The bus ride to Eilat from Ashdod is 1 1/2 hours to Beersheva and 3 more hours to Eilat.

The details are coming together for our broadcast to begin on ACCTV in Australia!  The first programs have been sent to the network and broadcasting will begin next month.  We are so thankful for our Australia team and all they are doing to promote the ministry.  They are also in the midst of arranging our schedule for our August trip to Australia.  The plan is to go to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and New Zealand.  Please pray for our team as they work to make all of the arrangements.


Some news coming out today is very disturbing.  The United States is pulling out its military assets from Syria.  This is very bad news for Israel, as Russia is also in Syria and will have much less resistance therefore in the area.  Please pray for peace and security for Israel.  As prophesied, our enemies are on our borders!

Today it was reported that the Israeli Air Force has its first Ethiopian fighter pilot!  I am so happy to hear that the Ethiopian soldiers are beginning to move up the ranks in the military.

The IDF is also finding Hezbollah-dug tunnels in the North of Israel.  They had been reported by residents over the years and the government had denied their existence.  Now, the tunnels are being located and destroyed.

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